Nico is an exceptionally skilled and sensitive practitioner and I have greatly benefitted from her work over many years. I have been especially pleased with the results of Acugems Facial Rejuve. In the midst of my demanding schedule this work keeps the years off my face and leaves me feeling balanced and energized." — Rick Cooper, Cooper Alley Salon

I appreciate all the modalities Nico uses to ease body mind and spirit. She is very knowledgeable and tailors each session for her client. Such personalized attention is rare." — Linda Black

For those of you who have been underwhelmed by "normal" facials, the treatment at Original Face takes it to a whole different level. Experiencing gemstones, color, and microcurrents for the first time, I discovered a whole new level of "facial" that I hadn't felt before. I'm a guy in my mid-40s that doesn't really need a facelift, but I was kind of stunned by the reaction of my friends after I had the treatment (and hadn't told them) - simply put, this is really a cutting edge method that probably would appeal to a lot of people looking for more sustained effects from a facial, without the cost/issues of more serious work. I will add that Nico is an extraordinary practitioner, with a focus on warmly acknowledging her clients' needs and providing a very customer-tailored experience." — Todd Rollin

I can't believe how firm and tight my face feels, it feels as though every muscle is working together as a whole."  — Susan Davidson

I have tried facial rejuvenation with needles before but, I have never seen such dramatic results in just one treatment." — Elaine Stewart

Nico’s work is simply extraordinary. Aside from the amazing effects on my face and neck, her energetic and sound healing work has been deeply nourishing and revitalizing. I find her work helps build core energy and relieve stress. After only a few treatments several of my patients asked if I had a face lift!”
– Teresa Black, M.D., L.Ac.