Nico Eichlseder brings a lifetime of experience as a healing arts practitioner to the field of esthetics, having worked in private practice for over twenty years. In addition to being a California Licensed Esthetician, clients benefit from her advanced training in various somatic modalities including Trager® Body Mind Integration, Acutonics® Sound Healing, Facial Soundscapes Harmonic Renewal™, and Acugem Facial Rejuve™.

“I view the work on the face as the crown jewel of vibrational healing. By using gemstones, color and sound I have found the ultimate tools to facilitate deep relaxation and renewal from within.”

Nico’s work is simply extraordinary. Aside from the amazing effects on my face and neck, her energetic and sound healing work has been deeply nourishing and revitalizing. I find her work helps build core energy and relieve stress. After only a few treatments several of my patients asked if I had a face lift!”
– Teresa Black, M.D., L.Ac.